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Re-stock coming!

We are thrilled to still be in business despite the pandemic throwing some major curveballs, and that we were featured in Cosmo (yay!). However, the past year's disruptions to our production schedule and a high-profile feature means we've run out of a lot of our top-selling swimsuits. Our apologies!

Our awesome manufacturer is continuing to make us new suits all the time, and we're restocking periodically all summer long. We tend to load new inventory on weekends, since this is still a "side hustle" in addition to our day jobs. 

If there's a specific suit you're after, send us a note with the specific size/style and we'll send you a note the minute we get them back in stock. The best way is to email us at info(at)beefcakeswimwear.com.  

Thanks so much for your support and patience, 

--Team Beefcake