Hello, Beefcake

Hello, Beefcake

Hello, Beefcake


We're Made Here.

Our sustainability begins with our fabric, including 100% recycled polyester. Our swimsuits are then printed, cut, and sewn in small batches at a woman-owned manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.

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"I just wanted to let you know that I am in LOVE with my suit. What a liberating option for non-binary folks, for sure—but all kinds of bodies and genders in general!"

H. from New York

"I feel like such a beautiful badass in my suit. Thank you for making them!"

C. from Minnesota

"I’ve literally never loved a swimsuit before my Beefcake suit. Finally I have a swimsuit that’s insanely comfortable, looks incredibly cool, and I don’t feel over exposed and self conscious."

N. from California