Instructions for caring for your swimsuit

Instructions for caring for your swimsuit

#1 Watch where you sit 

Gritty surfaces in hot tubs and pools will keep your feet from slipping, but they will also catch and tear tiny fibers in your suit when you sit on them. This is true for any stretchy article of clothing--even a heavy-duty neoprene wetsuit will get a fuzzbutt from sitting on rocks--but we’ve found this fuzz is extra noticeable on Beefcake suits because we print on white fabric.

To avoid the dreaded fuzz, avoid sitting on pool stairs, and make sure you sit on towels or inflatable pool toys, which are more comfortable anyway! 

#2 Rinse immediately after use

Chlorine, sunblock, and even body oils will shorten the life of fabric, so gently rinsing your suit in cool water with a mild detergent soon after every use will help keep it vibrant and soft. Also, try to avoid sunscreen with avobenzone, as this can stain a swimsuit yellow. (There's a good post here about removing these stains.) 

#3 Be gentle

After hand washing, resist the urge to wring out all the water: this can pop stitches and damage fibers. Hanging a swimsuit can stretch out straps. Instead, lay the suit out on a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently, then lay out your swimsuit to dry in the shade.

#4 Let it breathe

Experts recommend allowing a swimsuit 24 hours or more to return to its original shape. Rotating between multiple suits can allow each a day or two to recover between uses, which we use as the perfect excuse to own more swimwear. ;)

Many experts also recommend never getting in hot water, but where’s the fun in that? As long as you are careful about the often-gritty surfaces, occasional hot tub dips are fine. Just give your suit a rinse in cool water afterward and let it dry completely.

#5 Have fun!

The good news is that Beefcake suits will never bleed (the sublimated inks bond with the material), are resistant to bacteria (we can attest to this after some long, sweaty days), and are made of pill-resistant fabric, so they should last multiple seasons with proper care. We hope you have tons of fun in yours! 

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