Sustainability: people, planet, profits

Beefcake Swimwear operates on the radical notion that people and planet are more important than huge profit margins.

In traditional retail, the words "sustainable" and "ethical" often go with "hella expensive." At Beefcake Swimwear, we're trying to do sustainable retail differently: 

Despite our high production costs, we keep our swimwear prices relatively low. Our prices cannot compete with fast fashion (Target, Walmart, Shein, etc.) but for what we're doing, we're pretty dang affordable. Part of this is because we don't have VC funding or shareholders pushing us to make them money. We only answer to ourselves. We're like a mom-and-pop store, but online.

We are proud and open about where our fabric comes from and the awesome people in Portland, Oregon who print, cut, and sew our swimsuits. We believe we have the best fabric and the best people making our swimwear! 

We LOVE seeing how many different people feel happy and confident in our swimwear (mainly on Instagram these days). It's been amazing to hear how our swimsuits helped all kinds of people have the confidence to get back in the lap lane, go to pool parties, and hang out at the beach!

So a big, big thanks to all our customers for being part of our journey since we launched on Kickstarter back in 2017. We hope you'll keep giving us feedback and support as we continue working to be the most sustainable, ethical, and awesome little gender-neutral swimsuit company! 

Happy swimming, 

--Team Beefcake