We're working to re-stock ASAP! (early & mid-July)
We're working to re-stock ASAP! (early & mid-July)
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How are Beefcake swimsuits made?

Beefcake Swimwear swimsuits are made in the USA! Specifically in Portland, Oregon, at a woman-owned manufacturer. We use a technique called sublimation printing, which means the inks turn into gas under the influence of heat and combines with the material. The color will never fade or crack, even after multiple washings. Every swimsuit is individually printed on white polyester (if you ever had paper dolls, it looks a little like their clothes).

After being printed, each piece of the suit is cut out: the front, the back, and the crotch. These get sewn together, with binding added around the arms and neckline and a thin silicone strip sewn into the leg openings. We also sew in a chest liner/shelf bra to most suits. 

We're proud to be offering American-made swimwear and supporting our neighbors (often literally--Portland is smaller than you'd think). Thanks for being a part of this! 


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